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Key Benefits

Key Benefits of TMRC

  • Banks that become TMRC shareholders can get their mortgage loans refinanced at a reasonable interest rate and a longer term.
  • TMRC will only provide liquidity to its shareholding banks.
  • TMRC can help PMLs to better match their assets and liabilities and thus avoiding maturity mismatch risk.
  • TMRC will provide lower cost of funds to PMLs, which can lead to lower mortgage interest rates, thereby improving affordability and extending the range of potential borrowers.

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Bond Issuance

Bond Issuance

  • Once established and operational, TMRC will start to raise capital by issuing corporate bonds in the capital markets.
  • TMRC acts as a simple intermediary between mortgage lenders and the capital markets.
  • TMRC's bonds are risk weighted at 20% for the purpose of calculating the capital adequacy ratios of banks
  • TMRC's bond are eligible to serve as liquidity reserve holding of banks for the purpose of calculating liquidity ratios as required by Bank of Tanzania
  • TMRC's bonds will be tradable at the Dar es Salaam Stock Exchange.