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TMRC Prevailing Interest Rate 7.5%

The price is fixed at 7.5% for Member-Banks and at 8.5% for Non-Member Banks



TMRC is a wholesale institution with a majority ownership by its users. It can neither take deposits nor lend directly to households



TMRC will provide term finance to PMLs in order to reduce the liquidity risk incurred in their provision of long term loans for housing.



TMRC will be a repository of mortgage market knowledge and expertise setting appropriate standards for PML documentation .



The company is structured as an open club whereby all primary market lenders (PMLs) are invited to subscribe in its shareholding.

Taasisi ya TMRC Inavyowezesha Mikopo ya Nyumba

Mkurugenzi Mtendaji wa Taasisi ya mikopo ya nyumba ya Tanzania Mortgage Refinance (TMRC), Oscar Mgaya amezungumzia namna ambavyo taasisi hiyo inavyoziwezesha Watanzania wengi zaidi kujipatia mikopo katika mabenki baada ya wao kuwawezesha kupata fedha za muda mrefu ili yaweze kutoa mikopo ya muda mrefu na hivyo kurahisisha mpango wa ukopeshaji

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Tanzania Mortgage Refinance Company Limited (TMRC) is a private sector financial institution with a sole purpose of supporting.


To become the preferred secondary market intermediate for mortgage financing in Tanzania.


To expand home ownership in Tanzania by providing long term financing to primary mortgage lenders.

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