TMRC is hereby inviting applications from suitable qualified candidates to fill in the following vacant position currently existing in the company:

Job Title : Credit Manager

Reports to : Chief Operations Officer (COO)

Supervises : Credit Operations Assistants.

Job Purpose:

Under the supervision of COO, to manage the loan portfolio of TMRC from initial client engagement to credit origination and thereafter post loan portfolio management and relationship management with the TMRC loan clientele.

Key Duties:

1. People Management

  • Prepare Performance Developments Plans (PDPs) for the team;
  • Assign and balance work to team members i.e. portfolios and other general ad-hoc tasks;
  • Follow up with team members on assigned work per portfolios and others;
  • Support the team on conducting on-site reviews of respective portfolios;
  • Check work from team members for accuracy and quality before submission to management or external entities; and
  • Support Team’s expertise Development in credit management.

2. Maintaining credit policy, operations policy, processes and manual.

  • Propose changes and consolidate proposed changes at product and policy level for submission to COO and Management;
  • Prepare the credit policy changes and present changes to Board Credit Committee (BCC) for review and recommendation to the Main Board; and
  • Document and implement approved changes.

3. Credit Origination

  • Ensure Collection and review of relevant information for credit origination is observed;
  • Manage preparation of credit origination paper to the MCC for decision;
  • Ensure exceptions papers for Management Credit Committee (MCC) recommendations to the BCC for recommendation/Approval are done for all exceptions; and
  • Organize presentation of the credit origination paper and exceptions paper to the BCC for recommendation/Approval.

4. Portfolio Management

  • Ensure transaction checks are done to meet regulations, guidelines, TMRC credit and operations policy, and at origination stage;
  • Ensure collection of  due principal, interest payments, other charges/fees and  consequently finance is advised once collected;
  • Manage onsite reviews of loans to ensure they meet TMRC eligibility criteria;
  • Ensure periodic review reports for all loans portfolio are done timely; and
  • Oversee timely preparations of all letter/communications in relation to the credit administration of the loans portfolio for borrowers and/or lenders

5. Collateral Reviews

  • Review submitted proposed mortgages loans against TMRC eligibility criteria;
  • Ensure approved list of qualifying government securities are transferred to TMRC Central Depository System (CDS) account timely.

 6. Identify Potential Business and Solicit additional business 

  • Contact Clients at Business and Treasury Departments to gauge opportunities and potential for additional business;
  • Review performance of mortgage product per quarterly market report and TMRC reviews and identify opportunities for additional business;and
  • Follow up with on transaction requests, outstanding information, and documentation to close transactions.

7. Reports  Preparations

  • Oversee preparations of all reports, recommendations and requests to the management for review and approval;
  • Oversee preparation of reports and compilation of the BCC pack for presentation to the Board Credit Committee meeting.

 8. Oversee Data  Input, check and apply data updates 

  • Check team members’ submissions to MRIS if it complies with manual data submission;
  • Apply data updates to the MRIS system once all members have added data; and
  • Run checks to ensure all data are current.

9. Credit Limits of Clients Management

  • Oversee Collection, review and assessment of financial information and any other relevant information for computing credit Limits of clients;
  • Ensure computed credit limits are presented to MCC for deliberations and recommendations to BCC;
  • Ensure recommended   credit limits to BCC are presented for deliberations and recommendations to Board of Directors;
  • Ensure clients are informed of their latest credit limits; and
  • Ensure the credit limit modal is reviewed to match with the changing environment. 

Academic & Professional Qualification; 

  • At least a Bachelor’s degree in Finance, commerce, Economics, Business Administration or equivalent.

Relevant working experience:

  • At least five (7) years relevant credit operations experience with three (3) years at supervisory role

Required skills and competencies:

  • People Management Skills
  • Financial analytical skills
  • Credit assessment and management skills
  • Knowledge of financial regulatory requirements
  • Communications skills
  • Relations Management skills
  • Computer literate
  • Good Microsoft Office Suite skills ( Excel, Word, Outlook, Power Point)
  • Banking Process skills
  • Risk Management skills

Job Title :Marketing and Administration Officer 

Reports to: Head of Human Resources and Corporate Communications(HHRCC)

Job Purpose:

Develop and implement communications strategy and provision of administrative and procurement services in line with TMRC vision and mission.

Key Duties: 

1. External Communications

  • Work with HHRCC to develop media engagement startegy linked to business initiatives;
  • Implement the approved TMRC media strategy;
  • Develop and maintain strong working relationships with relevant media houses and Primary Mortgage Lenders to foster the interest of TMRC;
  • Work with  HHRCC to draft press statements and identifies issues for statements and briefings;
  • Monitor media reporting (main press and online)  and ensure timely and appropriate response to all issues raised;
  • Liaise with all departments to obtain relevant information to be posted on the TMRC website; and
  • Work with the Information Technology Manager to ensure the TMRC Website is updated timely relevant information.

2. Internal Communications

  • Assist in the distribution of  social media  information  through agreed channels of communications;
  • Assist to effective internal communication platforms across all job levels; and
  • Create a platfom for corporate Knowledge Management (TMRC foot steps)

3. Corporate Communications

  • Assist to prepare, coordinate and actively participates in the TMRC Communicator forums;
  • Assist to handles communications with the public, such as press releases, introduction of new products, and handling crises as may be directed;
  • Establish and maintain relationships with stakeholders in the public and private sectors;
  • Assist to develops and proposes corporate communication policies in line with the company's strategic direction;
  • Communicate verbally and in writing to answer inquiries and provide information in all matters related corporate communications;  
  • Assist to develop Branding Policy;and
  • Assist to develop Environmental and Social Responsibility Policy. 

4. Provision of Administrative Services 

  • Ensure that all office assets are maintained properly, and all facilities conform to environmental, health and security standards;
  • Assist to ensure all leave records and authorizations are properly kept;
  • Assist to ensure all company  documents are kept in safe custody;
  • Assist to coordinate the development of annual procurement plans and all purchasing activities of the Company; and
  •  To provide support to preparation, coordination and implementation of Annual Procurement and disposal plans.

Academic and Professional Qualification: 

  • At least a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing, Mass Communications, Business Administration or equivalent.

 Relevant working experience:

  • Not less than three (3) years’ work experience in relevant field.

Required skills and competencies:

  • Strong Communications skills
  • Relations Management skills
  • Listening skills
  • Coordination skills
  • Computer literate, good Microsoft Office Suite skills ( Excel, Word, Outlook,
  • Power Point)

Remuneration: Tanzania Mortgage Refinance Company Limited offers an attractive remuneration package and an excellent working environment.

Mode of Application:

Qualifying candidates are encouraged to apply online only enclosing the following:

  1. An application letter describing how you meet the requirements
  2. Comprehensive Curriculum Vitae
  3. Contact address including telephone number(s) and  e-mail address(s)
  4. Names and full address of three (3) referees


Closing date: Applications should reach the address below by close of business on 29th February, 2020. 

For  Marketing and Administration Officer use this link:

For Credit Manager use this link:


Only successful candidates will be contacted for interview