30th Anniversary AUHF Conference & AGM | 17-19 November 2014 | Cape Town International Convention Centre, Cape Town, South Africa

Housing delivery is not reaching the scale, sustainability or affordability levels that Africa's urbanisation pressures demand. Investors, lenders and developers will miss the market if they do not consider the realities of affordability and the very real need for scale and sustainability across the continent. What kinds of alternative building technologies should be considered? And how can these be financed?

The 2014 AUHF conference sought to address a key challenge faced by housing lenders, developers, and policy makers across the continent: meeting the demand for the scale delivery of affordable and sustainable housing. The AUHF conference looked at sustainable housing and new green technologies, rapid construction methodologies that address scale, and affordable construction technologies that realise housing affordability for lower income earners. Mechanisms to finance these approaches were considered on the second day, which ended with a 30th anniversary celebration of the AUHF’s founding in 1984. The conference was coupled with an exhibition of alternative building technology providers, and raised the profile of this key issue for demand among policy makers and practitioners across the continent.

For Read Information Go to : http://www.auhf.co.za/conference/next-frontier-affordable-housing-alternative-building-technologies/