Request for proposal for design and development of Tanzania Mortgage Refinance Company Limited Integrated system

Tanzania Mortgage Refinance Company Limited (TMRC) is Bank of Tanzania (BOT) licensee as a specialized private-sector financial institution that provides long-term funding to financial institutions for mortgage lending purposes. Since its inception, its objective has been to support financial institutions to do mortgage lending by refinancing Primary Mortgage Lenders' (PMLs') mortgage portfolios. This type of lending is also known as wholesale or secondary market lending. TMRC is neither taking deposits nor lending directly to individuals. It refinances mortgage loan portfolios rather than individuals mortgage loans and caters to banks rather than individual borrowers. TMRC membership is open to banks and non-banking financial institutions which have an interest in the development of the housing sector.

TMRC has set side funds for  development of an Integrated System.  TMRC is looking for an integrated system which will cover its current and future operations. In terms of Operations Effectiveness, the Company expects to leverage on modern standard technology to automate its Business Processes that will promote data sharing and collaboration between Bank of Tanzania, Tanzania Revenue Authority, PMLs, TMRC and other stakeholders.

The bid documents can be obtained from TMRC website

TMRC hereby invites companies with relevant experience and would like to bid for the development of the system. Interested bidders may contact TMRC through contacts below for bid documents.  The Proposal should reach TMRC on 3rd November 2023 latest.

On submission of the Proposal, the company will be required to pay non-refundable fee of US$50 or TZS 130,000 to be paid at the following Bank accounts.

TZS Account details:
Name of the account holder:
  Tanzania Mortgage Refinance Company Ltd
Bank Name:  Exim Bank Tanzania Ltd
Branch: Exim Tower Branch
Account Number: 0301 985 556

USD Accounts details:
Name of the account holder:
Tanzania Mortgage Refinance Company Ltd
Bank Name: Bank of Africa Tanzania Limited
Branch: NDC Branch
Account Number: 01524670001
SWIFT: EUAFTZTZ                                           

For more information Contact:
Tanzania Mortgage Refinance Company Limited,
15th Floor, Golden Jubilee Towers, Ohio Street
P.O Box 7539, Dar es Salaam, 11101, Tanzania
Tel:  +255 22 2215100/5110
Mobile: +255743637980